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Got An Online Catalog? We Can Help
Got An Online Catalog? We Can Help

The ACCM conference is the nation's largest conference for catalog, Internet, and multichannel merchants, and WebProNews Managing Editor Mike McDonald is on location in Orlando to pick the brains of the best branding and marketing professionals in the business.
All this week, our team of writers, Mike and the WPN video crew will be updating with videos and articles about important e-commerce topics like pay per click, search marketing, site design and function, and online branding.

WebProNews Coverage of the ACCM Conference

Here's what we've learned about so far:

Better Links For Higher Search Rankings

Search Engine Reputation Management

Retaining Customers With Better Content

Put The Squeeze On PPC

Brand As A Work In Progress

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Recent Videos:

Forging An Emotional Connection With Your BrandForging An Emotional Connection With Your Brand
George Hague is the vice president of J. Schmid & Associates, a catalog marketing firm. In this video Mike chats with George about creating a brand that connects with customers on an emotional level, and why the marketing world has shifted from 5-year strategies to 3-year strategies.
Google Gives Tour Of Its Search Factory
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google, known more for its relative silence than its grand Steve Jobs-y "one more thing" type presentations, gave onlookers an extensive "Search Factory Tour" yesterday via webcast. Two and a half hours later, there was a lot of news to report.

Google's vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, emceed the event, which would include revelations about local search, universal search, Google Health, and ads on Google Image search.

Presenters at the event included R.J. Pittman, Google's search product management director and co-founder of Web 2.0 search company Groxis, who spoke about Google's experiment with placing display ads with images; Johanna Wright, director of search quality, who relayed where Google is going with universal search; and Microsofty-turned-Googler, Carter Maslan, who said local search isn't as easy as one might think.

Mayer provided the one-more-thing by officially unveiling Google Health, which allows people to store their medical history online and decide which medical services providers can access it - a sort of data portability for your health records.

Rather than detail all of the announcements in one dense post, we've divided them up into nice digestible chunks.

WebProNews: Featured Articles
Google Flies With Universal Search

There's no going back to ten blue links on a page of search results. People want more for their queries, says Google, and they want to give it to them.
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Google Health Goes Live

Marissa Mayer officially lifted the lid off Google Health, leverages partnerships with medical organizations and pharmacies to help patients manage their health records online. The idea is that new doctors and/or approved pharmacists can access records without a hassle. Privacy, of course, will be a concern.
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Google Sees Big Challenges With Local Search

"We used to joke about Google helping you find your keys," said Google's vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer. Mayer was referring to the various advances Google is making in localized search products, and defers to Carter Maslan to talk about specific challenges in creating true and natural local search results.
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Google To Place Ads With Images

Google is experimenting with display ads to be placed alongside Google Image results. Contextually matching ads with images is a difficult task and requires some pretty sophisticated technology. Add human variations in labeling and you've got a recipe for confusing search robots.
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Google China Helping In Earthquake Aid
Google China has launched a multitude of help efforts for people looking for information in relation to the disastrous May ...
Google Is Going "Green" With Premium Listings

Ask.com Expands Vocabulary With Dictionary.com Acquisition

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Rafael Robinson

Confused about links

Our featured post today comes from inertia. He has been posting on a couple blogs trying to get traffic to a website, but it's not given him the traffic he had hoped for. Do you think it's still worth the effort getting links from blogs? Tell us your thoughts at WebProWorld!

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|| Rafael||

Are links from blog posts worth the effort?
I am involved with link building for a couple of clients and regularly post on industry blogs on their behalf. This does bring them some direct traffic but it's minimal. I am analyzing whether the time spent by me would be better spent on content creation...

Now most blog comments have "nofollow" added to them is posting on blogs worth it? I know I will get a chorus of "do it for the traffic" but to be honest I have seen very little traffic from the blogs which I post on. This raises the question of whether it is worth the time to do this?

Do people think that the "nofollow" attribute completely discounts the link or does it just stop PR transfer? Does no follow link text still have an effect on SERPs and semantics?

Also, what (if any) is the difference between rel="nofollow" and rel="external nofollow"?
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