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Consumers Submit To Yahoo Local
Yahoo turns to its continued growth in social media to help fill its business listings in Yahoo Local with more relevant and timely information about local companies.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-27
Google To Bust Digg's Block?
The buzz among the technophile blogosphere is that Google could easily and effectively put "a hurtin'" on Digg by tweaking Google Reader. An algorithm and, perhaps, buying out a social news site might be all that is needed.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-27
WSJ Takes Issue With Blogs
The mainstream media has been accused many times of either misunderstanding or fearing the blogosphere. Since the Wall Street Journal is as mainstream as the Mississippi River, a damning indictment of blogs should carry some weight. Unless you look at it a little more closely.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-22
A Fight About PPC And SEO
Which one of these methods is the most effective when it comes to search engine marketing? Is it a "one or the other" technique or is a successful SEM campaign dependent on prudent utilization of both techniques? These questions have been brought to the forefront thanks to a brewing disagreement between parties supporting each side.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-21
Google's Real Search Share 70 Percent?
Nielsen//Netratings released its monthly search rankings report, putting Google on top again, controlling nearly 50 percent of all US searches. But as those that follow the industry have come to expect, every month that number conflicts with two other metrics firms, both of which conflict with webmaster statistics.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-20
Google Gets Playful
It's often refreshing to see a bit of goofiness at the corporate level, and Google, much more than some other companies, seems to have a good sense of humor. Philipp Lenssen collected photos of some Google-related gags, and posted them for all to see.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-19
Links And Google Can Coexist
It's all in the way you gain incoming links - purchased equals bad and earned with content equals good. Keep that in mind because Google watches those backlinks more closely now.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-18
Open Directory Toasted Without Backups
The Open Directory Project has operated under various names, but its latest incarnation managed at AOL has earned a new name: FUBAR.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-18
Google Puts Domains Up For Sale
Not its domain names, of course, but ones that people may want to register while signing up for Google Apps for Your Domain services. It could be an indication of Google's future intentions for the Apps services too.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-15
New Google Product Is Patently Useful
The minds at Google have taken the less-than-intuitive search process for finding patents in the USPTO database and made it as easy as their signature search service.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-14
iPod And Pirates Top AOL Search
People querying for information through AOL's Search and Video Search products made Allen Iverson, Barbie, and Brangelina top results in various categories, but for overall search a couple of commonplace things were the most highly searched.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-13
Google & Yahoo Square Off On Wall St
Google Finance unrolled a healthy offering of new features today, aimed at positioning the tool as a stronger competitor to the more widely visited Yahoo! Finance website, which offers a wide range of financial resources and services to its users.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-12
Debunking Matt Cutts
The Google Toolbar doesn't fuel Google's index, nor is Google working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, even if Google did buy Keyhole, once backed by In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital arm.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-11
Yes Isaac, Google Uses AdWords
People have noticed that certain searches will bring up the One Box atop search results in Google, where the top result points to a Google service.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-08
SES: Late Night With Danny Sullivan
The evening keynote at SES Chicago by the person most readily identified with the conference series, Danny Sullivan, looked at the future of search. WebProNews' Chris Richardson frantically typed notes while a balky laptop battery ticked down to zero.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-07
SES: Compare This, Shopper!
One in three online users visit a comparison shopping engine during the holidays, and Internet entrepreneurs should understand how they differ from conventional search engines. Our Chris Richardson took in the discussion of these services at SES Chicago.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-07
SES: Mobilize Your Site For Mobile Search
Millions of people carry cellphones, and many of those devices can surf the Internet. Search engine companies have recognized their potential and are targeting mobile services both to consumers and advertisers. Our Chris Richardson tapped out some notes on his cellphone while speakers at SES Chicago discussed the topic of mobile search optimization.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-06
SES: Maximizing Social Search
The rise of the social network has e-business professionals batting ideas back and forth about how to properly utilize them to draw attention to a service or product. One of the areas explored is social search - where's it headed, what needs to be improved and what people are doing about it.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-06
SES: Jason Calacanis Does The Keynote
Sequoia Capital's newly-minted "entrepreneur in action" delivered the morning keynote address at SES Chicago, where he talked about Digg, Digg, Spam, Digg, Netscape, Digg, Digg, and Valleywag. Our Chris Richardson dug in for the session.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-05
SES: Duplicate Content and Multiple Site Issues
This session was moderated by Chris Sherman and included the following speakers: Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Shari Thurow, Adam Lasnik (Google), Tim Converse (Yahoo) and Jon Glick (Become.com) who is filling in for Anne Kennedy whose husband unfortunatley passed away over the weekend.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-05
SES: Your Video Wants A Meta Tag
During an early session at SES Chicago 2006, the speakers on the topic of video optimization all made a similar suggestion - keep that meta data identifiable so your video will be too. Chris Richardson of WebProNews was on hand to pick up the details.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-04
Yahoo! to Serve UP BBC Videos
As part of an agreement with ABC News, Yahoo is beginning to offer BBC News video on its site. Yahoo! users will now have access to approximately 30 video clips of BBC News video each day, including a large assortment of videos pertaining to most major news and entertainment genres.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2006-12-01


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