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Google To Sell Over $6 Billion In Ads
After it outsells every newspaper, magazine, and TV network in advertising this year, one analyst thinks revenue could hit $9.5 billion next year. Sparse home page. Major ad revenue.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-31
Apocalypse Powered By Google
Google has stated that its mission is to index all of the world's information, an endeavor that CEO Eric Schmidt says will take about 300 years. In business years, that's nigh on eternity. How does Google plan to last that long? (Cue evil music) Evidence is mounting that Google may be the harbinger of the Apocalypse-or as it soon will be known, Apocalypse Powered By Google.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-31
The Undead Thread
People like things to make sense. As a species we tend to find comfort and security in order and the routine. Ironically, (or not) we also have a tendency to be fascinated, if not preoccupied, by the strange and the unknown. We delight in the bizarre and if nothing else, the Internet is chock full of the bizarre. Who cares, you ask? The magic 8 ball says to finish reading this article and ask again later.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-28
Gates ‘Not Afraid’ Of Google
Heh, Bill is giving me lots of stuff to talk about tonight at a certain party at a certain Mountain View, CA location that I'm not allowed to blog about. Sorry, not my rules.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-27
When Advertising Searches You
Digital advertising has been appearing wherever a business can put up a TV screen; now, those screens may be able to recognize you, at least as a consumer. Some will consider this another step down a slippery, Orwellian slope.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-26
Forget About Sun/Google OpenOffice
The fevered speculation about a possible Google and Sun effort to make a hosted version of OpenOffice available should now come to an end. Finally, the two tech companies have come out and stomped on the hysteria about a hosted "Google Office" package.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-25
German Publishers Fight Google Print
As publisher and author conflicts with Google heat up on the legal front over Google Print, publishers in Germany plan to avoid the problem by starting their own network.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-24
A Taste Of RSS Feed Advertising
More companies see the spread of RSS as a great way to get their information to users, and profit from advertising placed within those feeds too. Last October, JupiterResearch noted less than 10 percent of RSS feeds had advertising in them, and no major advertisers were using feeds as part of their marketing strategies.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-24
Sphere’s New Search Impresses
Tony Conrad, Sphere's CEO, gave me a tour of Sphere.com today, a new blog search engine. He started out by saying that Mary Hodder is on their advisory board. That's interesting because Mary has done some of the best thinking of the gestures that search engines could track.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-21
Firefox Tops 100 Million With Google's Help
The open source browser that has made a dent in Internet Explorer's market share recently reached the 100 million milestone. Almost a year after its release, the Firefox browser was downloaded for the 100 millionth time on Wednesday, the Mozilla Foundation said.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-20
Talking To Google About Jagger
Yes, it's a for-real, honest to goodness update going on at Google, and Matt Cutts wants you to contact Google if you have feedback about it.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-20
Yahoo Search Revenues Get No Respect
I'm at Search Engine Strategies in Stockholm today. One of a number of points I put forward in the Ad Forum session today was jumping off yesterday's Yahoo earnings announcement. The company's flat profit for the quarter surpassed estimates.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-19
New Google PageRank, Backlinks On Tap
Google's resident rock star, Matt Cutts, has posted that a little Google Dance is underway again. Google probably doesn't derive any pleasure from sending the ranks of SEO and SEM pros hustling to tweak hundreds of web sites for better placement each time they update.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-18
Sergey Sells A Billion
Google co-founder Sergey Brin has now parted with over $1 billion worth of shares in the search engine company. What a difference a year makes. In August 2004, Google went public, shepherded by CEO Eric Schmidt onto Wall Street...
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-17
Easing The Burdens Of SEO
If you're on an online marketer with a limited budget, then you're in luck. I've compiled a list of online or downloadable SEO tools that I recommend and use on a regular basis. Each of these tools has to do with the organic or "natural" search engine rankings of websites.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-14
SEO Business - The Joys of Reselling
As a facet of the Internet economy, search engine optimization is a specialized service that shares several characteristics with other web-based businesses. While the objects of our labours might be seen and used by millions of unique people in millions of unique places...
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-13
Google Flexes Philanthropic Arm
Google.org has been established by the search engine company to be an umbrella for Google's philanthropy efforts; they will keep a 'one percent' commitment to finance it.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-12
Search Engines Don't Understand You
Heh, while I was stuck in traffic on the way home tonight my brother called. We had one of our usual heated conversations -- this time about search engines (he had read my post about PLAYing with search and thought I was nuts for wanting search engines to display stock quotes for terms like PETS, PLAY, etc).
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-07
64% of Search Advertisers Failing to Follow SEO Recommendations
The most unique aspect of the Internet, the very thing that makes it different from every other communications medium is, in many cases, one of its least understood characteristics.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-06
More on the Google - Sun Microsystems Deal
Tuesday, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt and Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy held a mid-morning press conference to announce a distribution partnership between the two online giants.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-06
Blogging to Save the Butler
After learning the fate of Jeeves, the long serving butler mascot of Ask Jeeves fame, a number of bloggers have banded together to try to resurrect the affable chap from the dotcom dustheap.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-06
Next Search Feature? Info Tiles?
I want you to do something. Search on PLAY on Yahoo, Google, and MSN. Here, I made it easy. Here in a nutshell is why Google continues to get hyped by everyone including me (notice who I work for).
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-05
Taiwan Disagrees With Google Maps
The foreign ministry of Taiwan has objected to being referred to as a province of China on Google Maps. The government of Taiwan, which rules the island nation, has complained to search engine company Google about how Taiwan is represented on Google Maps. That product refers to Taiwan as a province of China.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-04
Java Runtime Environment Running With Google Toolbar
In the hours leading up to the press conference, speculation permeated the tech world over the news Sun Microsystems and Google collaborating on something miraculous.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-04
Yahoo Opens Content Alliance
The Open Content Alliance will be an opt-in project aimed at building an indexed archive of content. Yahoo and other companies announced the Open Content Alliance, and hope to make more content that currently exists in print and other media available in a digital archive.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-10-03


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