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Google Sued For Click Fraud
A class action lawsuit was filed in US District Court against Google alleging breach of contract, negligence, unjust enrichment, and unfair business practices-all involving charges of click fraud. Click Defense Inc, a click fraud protection firm, filed the suit in California in the name of an unknown number of plaintiffs for an amount not less than $5 million.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-30
Blinkx Now Searches Podcasts, Video Blogs
According to blinkx founder Suranga Chandratillake, podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums ever, with large amounts of new content coming out daily. Insight into Suranga's mindset sheds light on the reasoning behind the newest feature to be integrated into the blinkx search engine: the ability to search podcasts.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-29
Introducing Google Earth
Late last night/early this morning, Google launched the highly anticipated full version of Google Earth, the search engine's stand-alone global map utility. The following is a detailed, blow-by-blow description of the launch provided by Nathan Weinberg.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-28
Google Video To Launch Video Playback Service
Shortly after the Google video search feature was launched, company co-founder Larry Page issued a request for people to submit their personal videos, which Google would then catalog and make searchable. Apparently, the response to Page's appeal was considerable because Google is launching a video playback service that will allow users to access this content, considering they know how to query Google's database.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-27
Different Uses For The Upcoming Google Wallet
Is Google targeting eBay and PayPal? That is exactly what people thought when news of Google's payment service was leaked. In today's WebProNews, we feature a couple of stories that take a look at the possible uses and implications for Google's upcoming e-wallet.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-24
MSN Search Increases Relevance Focus
What good is a search engine if the results it provides aren't relevant to the query being performed? The answer? Not much. The largest search index in the world doesn't amount to much if you don't have an algorithm that can successfully provide results related to the question being posed.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-23
Most People Use Search To Shop
As we've discussed, more and more, the search engine industry is solidifying itself as an almost essential part of our daily lives. The amount of searches done in any given day (250 million Google searches per day in 2003) bears this thinking out.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-22
New Google Patent May Be Less News For Small News
Google's never ending search for providing a quality end user experience has culminated into a bullet with patent number WO 2005/029368 imprinted across the side. Unfortunately for smaller news services, the bullet may strike the heart of aspiring upstarts-a casualty of Google's friendly fire.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-21
Bringing New Meaning to the Phrase "Google Cash"
Loose lips have leaked the rumor that Google is planning to offer an online payment service. I guess when you're planning something as big as taking PayPal on, word tends to get out.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-20
Yahoo Search Subscriptions Provides Glimpses Into Hidden Web
While search engines may have mapped a large portion of the content found on the hidden web (content is considered hidden because users normally have to pay to see it), bringing this information to users is usually not allowed. The bulk of the content found in the hidden web is usually reserved for paying subscribers, hence the moniker. Unless you pay the subscription fee, the content remains hidden from the average users' eyes.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-16
SEO Marketing With Blogs
For the past two years, one of the best SEO inclusion tactics was the use of blogs. Blogs have become a base standard in SEO marketing, but as times change, so does the efficacy of any tactic.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-15
Google’s Financial Times Dilemma: Hidden Links Raise Eyebrows
Isn't it interesting the places Lady Drama chooses to drop her robe, spinning everybody into gawking with covered mouths and gossip to spread? The whispers immediately crescendoed into a web-rattling holler across the servers-Financial Times was busted for hidden links.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-14
Search Engines Ignore Ad Disclosure Recommendations
The effect was not unlike spitting into the ocean. After a series of studies looking into search engines' paid inclusion and paid placement disclosure practices and a string of FTC recommendations, a follow-up study shows that little has been done.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-13
SEO Roadmap; Carpooling With Content
If you're reading this then chances are that you're not an Internet purist. You don't build websites for artistic reasons, spilling your guts about what is philosophically, transcendentally, or intrinsically eminent to your soul and being. You build sites to make money, pure and simple.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-10
Take Control of your Search Engine Space
Do a search on your favorite search engine for your company name. Look at the results. Hopefully your company web site is at the top of the pile. But what about the other 9 results in the top 10? What do they say about you? People searching for your company name will often look at all of these results - not just those relating to your homepage.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-09
Cosmetic Changes at Google Precede Larger Overhaul
Google is undergoing some of the most sweeping changes in its short, seven year history.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-09
Google Patent Study
Two months ago, Google released a 63-point patent document outlining how it examines historical data associated with websites and documents in its index.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-09
How Google Indexes Content From Your Web Directory
In a fluke, I was able to notice something about the way Google indexes content from web directories. Excluding your template, the most important line of code is the first title you add to your main body.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-08
Top Level Domain Searches Revisited
I was reading the latest entry of the Google Blog (Google's official blog) this morning, and they mention a search technique that, while already covered here, I thought it might be worthwhile going over again. It's regarding the Site Search (site:) operator, and how it can be used to narrow your search to top level internet domains (.com, .net, .edu, .gov, etc.).
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-06
Google Sitemaps: RSS For The Entire Website?
Well, not really. But Google Sitemaps does employ XML technology in order to provide its program members the opportunity to have their site crawled after they make updates or alterations.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-03
Clink. Google Guy Spills Bourbon. Cheers.
Ol' Mr. Anonymous himself, Google Guy, addressing the concerns of Googlites everywhere spilled a few hint-drops about the current algorithm update, codenamed "Bourbon." This here Kentucky boy accepts the nod.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-02
Are You In the Mindset for Yahoo?
The world of search engines always has something new to offer; whether it's GooglePrint or MSN's Virtual Earth or in this case Yahoo's Mindset. The new Mindset feature adds a new relevance dimension to one's search based on a research facet or a shopping facet.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2005-06-01


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