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Danny Sullivan Speaks on SEMPO Controversy
Last year's SES San Jose marked the launch of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, commonly known as SEMPO. Now, with the one-year anniversary rapidly approaching and the 2004 San Jose conference just days away, critics are stirring up controversy. In a recent article, Michael Grehan dared to criticize the organization. "Who needs SEMPO?" the Smart Interactive CEO asks.
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Date: 2004-07-30
Fallout From The MyDoom Search Engine Attack
On Monday, July 26, 2004, the major search engines were hit by a variant of the MyDoom virus. This particular version of the virus sniffs out email addresses and domains from infected computers and proceeds to query the major search engines in order to locate more addresses attached to the discovered domain.
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Date: 2004-07-29
Google, Yahoo Accused of “Irresponsible” Chinese Censorship
In what Brett Tabke calls "the China Syndrome" Google and Yahoo! are being accused of censorship. French-based international press freedom group Reporters sans Frontières (RSF), also known as Reporters without Borders, claims both search engines gave into the Chinese government's demands of controlling search results.
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Date: 2004-07-28
Are Search Engine Submission Services Worth It?
We've all noticed ads for businesses offering search engine submission services. Most of these companies boast that they will submit your site to "thousands of search engines", while guaranteeing an effective SERP listing.
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Date: 2004-07-27
Confucious say: "When in hole, stop digging." - WebProWorld moderator CBP. Since publishing my Traffic-Power article just two weeks ago, I've received numerous emails and phone calls from grateful WebProNews readers. I've heard from former customers claiming they were duped, potential customers who are now reconsidering, and even a few concerned WebProWorld members wondering what Traffic-Power has to say for itself.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-23
Should You Be Worried About Being Banned?
The SEO world is full of speculation, conjecture and educated best guesses. It's not surprising then, that the average webmaster/site owner can find the whole business of SEO overwhelming and intimidating.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-22
Demand For Search Engine Ads Outgrowing The Supply
A report conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings determined that while the demand for search engine advertising is continuing to grow quickly, the supply of appropriate search inventory is not. In laymen's terms, the study indicates that there isn't enough search engine space to accommodate all would-be advertisers.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-21
Improving The Image Of Search Engine Marketing
What can be done to improve the image and reputation of SEM? With the recent Traffic-Power/black-hat SEO debacle, the article that detailed various ad agency SEM complaints, and numerous other articles that have questioned the need for SEO/SEM has helped give the industry a proverbial black eye.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-20
How Search Has Evolved:

Part II of 'Back In The Day'

In the early part of the 1990s, people were just beginning to learn about the World Wide Web and what it could offer. I remember hearing excited news reporters announce that through the Internet people in America could connect in real time with those from Australia, Asia, or Europe. A wealth of information would be at our fingertips and the entire world would virtually be our backyard.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-19
Back in the Day: Old School Search
Before we can determine where we're going we must know where we began. Instead of exploring the entire complex history of search, let's glimpse into the past of today's most popular search engines and try to guess what the future may hold.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-16
Google and ‘Click Potential’
Earlier this week in WebProWorld, Rich made a post concerning research recently released by AtlasDMT. The goal of the study was to provide some metrics on the actual impact and value of paid placement listings by their rank or position. While most would rightly expect that a higher positioned placement would outperform a lower position, the results of the AtlasDMT research yielded some fairly surprising results as to the slope of the drop-off from the number one spots.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-15
The Internet: One Big Marketing Channel
Whether you're a designer or a marketer, understanding user behavior should be a top priority. That was what compelled me to write my article exploring some recent studies on search engine user behavior patterns. And, with questions now flowing through my mind, I picked up the phone and called Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro, one of the companies that have been studying search behavior.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-14
Ad Agencies Versus Search Engine Marketing
The explosion of revenue and site traffic generated by search engines has led to a new marketing method that has yet to be embraced by all ad agencies. Generally speaking, search engine marketing is the process of improving a site's ranking within SERPs by utilizing SEO techniques or optimizing search engine PPC ads for the purposes of improving the ad's position.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-13
Yahoo Buys Oddpost for Upcoming Products
Email application Oddpost is "delighted" to no longer be accepting new accounts, the company announced, as of July 9th. Why? Because Oddpost has been acquired by popular web portal Yahoo.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-12
The Gmail Ripple Effect
With the advent of Google's Gmail, a multitude of search engines, portals, and general-purpose sites have followed suit by offering enhanced email services, including increasing storage capacities.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-12
Microsoft Brings Search Experience to Encarta Customers
Microsoft launched a new version of its Encarta encyclopedia information software this week that includes a new search bar - which has been perceived as a step towards Microsoft's anticipated competition with Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-09
Traffic-Power: High Rankings or SEO Nightmare?
"Something wicked this way comes…" Traffic-Power, a search engine placement program, provides customers with keywords, meta tags, advertising pages, directory submission, link building strategies, online tracking and free customer support with the promise of higher search engine placement. Recent customer complaints, however, hint that Traffic-Power is nothing more than an SEO dark carnival.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-09
Non-Search Engine Promotion
Last week in our WebProWorld forums, one of our moderators Bill Hartzer made what I thought was an interesting post about promoting your site without search engines. Bill's post basically consisted of a question as to what methods existed -aside from search engines- for promoting your site.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-08
Spotlight On Apple’s Upcoming Desktop Search Engine
Last week, Steve Jobs, Macintosh CEO, unveiled the upcoming update for Mac's OS X. The update, version number 10.4, is called Tiger. The differences in this update are not so much visual; rather, it's more of a performance enhancing revision.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-07
Does Google’s Improved AdWord Relevancy Affect You?
The other day, Google announced an algorithm update for its AdWords targeting. The update was designed to ensure that searchers would receive the most relevant, targeted ads according to the keywords in their queries.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-06
Toolbar PageRank: Over-hyped?
Last week, as Brittany tells us here, Google updated its Page Rank and backlinks. As I'm sure most of you know, every few weeks Google does a similar update and without fail -as sure as day follows night, the SEO community immediately starts humming with the excited chatter of their shiny new Toolbar Page Rank (henceforth TPR). When I see these updates and the ensuing furor that results from a little green bar moving 1/8th of an inch, four words come to mind: don't believe the hype.
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-02
Understanding Searchers: Will They Find You?
"Search is the hottest topic in marketing. Period," states the website for the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference, which will feature sessions dealing more with search strategies. Perhaps that's why we're seeing a growing trend of e-Business professionals seeking to understand the behavior patterns of web users. "It's important for marketers to understand where in the buying funnel their customers are most likely to use a search engine to help in their purchase," Enquiro President and CEO Gord Hotchkiss said in "Inside the Mind of the Searcher."
Directory: > Insider Reports > Search Insider
Date: 2004-07-01


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