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10 Ways To Amplify Your Orders!
1. Think of ways to get your site or business on the the news. You could sponsor a fundraiser, break a world record, hold a major event, etc.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-30
10 Intriguing Ways To Propel Your Online Sales!
1. Add extra subjects to your web site. Most free ad sites only allow you to submit your web site to one category. This'll allow you to submit it to many.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-27
10 Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Profits!
1. Make copies of your web site in many different languages. This'll allow foreign speaking people to read your web site and advertisements.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-24
Disinter . . . What?
Another new B2B buzzword? D I S I N T E R M E D I A T I O N The first time I saw the term, I ignored it, thinking the writer was a journalist charmed with a new word. The next time I saw "disintermediation" was in an internet journal for Information Technology Specialists so I thought I had better pay attention, but still there was no definition offered. So I went to dictionary.com and looked up the term. Where I found the following:
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-24
How To Get Your Own Domain Name And Web Site, Without Paying A Web Hosting Company.
It is very important to have your own domain name on the Internet. It gives you or your business credibility, and it's the only way to get listed properly in the search engines.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-23
10 Ways To Get Your Ads Or Messages Noticed
Do you post to message boards, e-mail discussion lists, classified ads sites, FFA sites or newsgroups? People will usually read the subject line before they read your ad or message, so it's important they get noticed. Below are ten simple, but powerful tips to get your ads or messages noticed.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-20
Capitalizing on "Teachable Moments"
This is a lesson about spam. The good kind. The kind that can earn you a valuable customer and friend.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-19
How to Detect the Web's Most Popular Scam
On the Net, the old saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, does not apply. If you use a simple test, the most popular scam used on the Internet doesn't sound good at all, and the websites look even worse.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-17
Is Free Internet Access for You?
Everywhere you look someone is offering you free Internet access. How can they do that? Simple, it is not really free. You knew it was to good to be true, right?
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-17
Who is the best Free ISP?
After an extensive search, I am happy to announce that Address.com, is my first choice as the best overall free ISP provider in Canada and the US. In addition to free ISP, the Address.com service includes free e-mail, free websites, URL forwarding, personalized news, weather, sports all wrapped up in a nicely designed microportal.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-17
Are free ISP's causing sleepless nights for traditional fee-based ISPs'
Let's face it. Human nature is such that if people can get something for nothing, most of them will take that route. This is not good news for the traditional charge-for-service ISP.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-17
Is Free Internet Access Following in the Footsteps of TV and Radio?
TV's free. Radio's free. And, now accessing the Internet is free thanks to a growing number of free ad-based Internet access providers.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-17
10 Ways To Make Your Ad Command Attention!
1. Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other charts in your ad copy. Use charts that will grab a persons eye and also support your product claims.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-16
Integrated Diversity
What? An oxymoron, you say? Granted, if you look at both words individually, they do not appear to go hand in hand. Integration means to bring together and diversification means to spread out. (But you really didn't want a vocabulary lesson did you?)
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-12
Just HOW Important is my E-Zine?
"Do I really need to publish a newsletter or ezine in order to be successful online?" "How difficult is it to begin one?" "Do I have to be a writer to do my own newsletter?" These are questions I get asked all the time by those who are exploring the possibility of starting their own online newsletter or ezine.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-08
10 Ways To Keep Visitors At Your Site Longer!
The more time people spend at your web site, the more time you'll have to persuade them to buy your product or service. Below are ten powerful ways to keep visitors at your web site longer.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-06
Online While in the Woods! Fiction, Future or Reality?
Staying "available" and "in contact" with your clients is an important part of good Customer Service. But sometimes this can be hard to do as we juggle our personal lives along with our business obligations. Being a Webmistress is nearly a 24-hour-a-day job for me, just about the same as being a parent, except that on the Web, you aren't expected to fix lunches. My clients sometimes need close attention and nurturing during the development of their projects, some need constant attention, and they all need (and deserve) my immediate and total attention if and when something goes wrong.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-07-01


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