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How To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year!
Most of you have seen those little award graphics on web sites. They are given to the web site by another web site or award association to reward the web site for a specific reason. They usually link right to the site that has given the award.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-30
10 Things You Should Know Before You Bid On A Business Product From An Online Auction
1. Know the value of the product before you bid. If the product is brand new, check to see what price retailers are charging for it. If the product is used or reconditioned, you will want to pay way less than the retail value.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-26
En-ABLE Your Advertising
So you've got a dynamic product. You've determined that there's a definite need (or want) for it. And you know what you want to say in your advertising copy.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-21
Anatomy Of An Ezine Start-Up
As a beginner, I've read many marketing articles from all the popular writers. I've done this because I wanted to start my own ezine for my area of interest. Well--after months of reading and researching, I finally decided I was ready to try it. Since there wasn't much money in the budget for this, I needed to keep my expenses very low. I created copy-after-copy of my new ezine until I was finally satisfied with a finished product.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-13
What Can't be Done Online?
O.K. I admit that title is a bit of hyperbole, but it seems to be going that direction, doesn't it? WebSite101 has long been an advocate of bringing *all* businesses, big and small online. We have focused most of our energy on bringing the home office online, assuring that mom and pop businesses get their share of the internet pie.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-13
10 Killer Ways To Sell Your Back-End Products!
A back-end product is a product you attempt to sell your customers after they have recently purchased a related product from your business. If you're not trying to sell back-end products to your customers, you're making a big mistake. It is easier to sell to existing customers than it is to sell to new ones who don't trust your business yet.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-12
Has Your Ezine Passed Its Sell-By Date?
DON'T SELL OUT! So many ezines are basically just one big "buy me" ad - content and care over presentation a mere afterthought. You probably know the type I mean. And, if you've any sense, you'll stick these "sales brochures" right where they belong - in the recycle bin.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-09
Work Email Like a Pro
TIME WASTER. Do you find yourself constantly checking your mail? Are you sick and tired of responding to the same old requests? Or do you simply get to the end of the day and wonder where all your time has gone? By working a little smarter, you can gain at least an hour a day -- or 15.2 days every single year!
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-09
Persistence - The Magic Key to Success!
How often have you seen, or read stories about, people who have given up just one step short of achieving their goal? I bet it is many. Just one more attempt and they would have "been there". Instead, someone else came along and took up where they left off and claimed the glory.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-08
How To Use Online Auctions As Traffic Generators!
There are thousands of online auctions on the internet. People love them because they can usually find great bargains. If you have an online business, you can use them to increase traffic to your web site.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-08
Five Point Plan for Promotion
There are no secrets: there are no magic formulas. Forget about making money fast while you sleep. Sure, you can automate processes so that your business continues to operate while you are snoring away, but there is no substitute for your initial application and hard work.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-06
Link Swapping - The Best Traffic Generator
In an article I wrote recently, called Five Point Plan for Promotion, I suggested swapping links with people already linking to your competitor's sites and this generated a few questions about how to do that specifically, which is what I shall attempt to explain here.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-06
How-to use Holiday Events For Extra Promotion
If you run an ecommerce site especially, then just as the stores do, you should do something different to attract shoppers each time there is a major (and minor) holiday event.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-06
10 Ways Web Site Text Can Impact Your Reader's Buying Decision!
The appearance of your web site text can actually increase or decrease your sales. The size, font, style and color of your text can easily affect your reader's buying decision. Below are ten points to consider when typing text on your web site.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-05
E-Books, E-Reports, E-Gads!
Everybody's doin' it! eBooks, eBooklets, eReports, eGads! The problem with all of this e-information scattered about the web on so many far-flung sites is that it's impossible to find them all. That's only a problem if you're an information junkie like me! The guy who subscribes to 53 eZines and downloads every eBook he can get his hands on about web marketing and strategy.
Directory: > eBusiness > Small Business
Date: 2000-03-04


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