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Blog + Feed + Press Release = Top Yahoo Rankings in 1 Week
I just had a great Yahoo experience with one of my sites this past week. Within the last 7 days, I've gone from being invisible on Yahoo to having top listings on a number of targeted keywords and I thought some of you might find it useful if I explain how it happened.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-30
Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 6: Human Testing
Welcome to part six in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussed the importance of internal linking. In part six we will cover the obvious and yet often overlooked importance of its appeal to a real-live human being.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-30
Search Engine Spider, Index, and Ranking
Reader question: I think my site has been banned in Google. It used to have all of these top positions for the past three years, and it suddenly disappeared. Can you help?
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-29
Does Site Match Influence Organic Results in Yahoo!?
In March of 2004 Yahoo! consolidated its paid inclusion programs and branded them under the Overture Site Match brand. Site Match allows you to submit sites to Yahoo, AllTheWeb, and AltaVista for a $49 review fee and a category based cost per click of $0.15 or $0.30. In other words Yahoo! combined their Pay for Inclusion with Pay Per Click.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-29
When CMS Met SEO - Using the Power of Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization revolves around providing useful, unique content on your website and making sure that search engines can find and understand it easily.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-29
Search Engine Optimization's Newest Secrets
Recent articles released by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms have glossed over the fact that there is a back door utilizing news releases to gain an advantage in the search engines with key-phrases of value to your Web-based venture.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-29
Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
If you are confused about terms like "search engine optimization" or having a "search engine friendly" site, then listen up! I am here to help.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-29
Press Releases New SEO Back Door to Top Rankings
Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO-PR revealed a blockbuster secret back door to top search engine ranking when he presented to a comparitively small share of attendees at WebMasterWorld.com World of Search #7 conference. Jarboe presented a case study of client WineZap.com showing their press release which was distributed online in July of 2004.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-22
An Online Home-Based Business Can Lead To Search Engine Stress
As a member of several search engine optimization forums, I have recently noticed (especially since Yahoo recently decided to try their hand at competing with Google) that the stress level of many webmasters has gone way up. This applies not only to webmasters involved in Internet-based home businesses, but to webmasters in general.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-19
Florida Update Plus One - The Year Google Grew Up
It has been a full year since the infamous Florida Update rewrote Google's rankings with a massive pre-Christmas purge of previously well placed sites.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-18
Don't Be A Reciprocal Linking Turkey!
I had an email exchange with an SEO client today after his webmaster called him pushing reciprocal linking software (when all this web designer was after was to generate some extra work from a client that hasn't needed him for awhile). Then that client called me after he received my email de- nouncing the software, fully convinced by a follow-up phone call from his web designer that the reciprocal linking soft- ware WAS valuable.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-17
Search Conference Vindicates SEO Basics, Exposes Bad Boy SEO
The 2004 "World of Search" conference at Las Vegas Convention Center began Tuesday, November 15, with a short welcome and conference kudos and credits from WebMasterWorld.com (WMW) head Brett Tabke.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-17
Keyword Repetition for Search Engine Optimization
Reader Question: I remember reading in other articles about keyword usage rules that a particular keyword (in this case "asthma") should not be used more than three times on one page. I read it a year or two ago, so I don't remember the source. Is this restriction no longer valid? Can you repeat "asthma" in many phrases, as long as the phrases are different?
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-17
Organic SEO vs. PPC Advertising
When you purchase visitors or "clicks" from a search engine, this is called "pay-per-click" (PPC) search engine advertising (or PPCSE). Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising allows you to quickly get top search engine placement by "bidding" (paying) for keywords related to your product or service.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-15
Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 4: Content Optimization
Welcome to part four in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussed the importance of the structure of your website and the best practices for creating an easily spidered and easily read site. In part four we will discuss content optimization.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-15
Organic SEO – Getting Started with larger sites
Commercial websites are getting larger. Driven by the rapid evolution of content management systems, shopping carts and e-biz facilitation, and by the increasing sophistication of Internet retailers, "small" business sites averaging 500+ pages have become common.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-11
Client Communications as Ranking Tools - Blogs
Blogs have had a profound effect on communications and marketing since their development and early adoption but are still a mystery to many. According to Google Definitions (enter: define:Blog into Google search window), Blogs can be several things to different people but the simplest definition of the word is "web log", or B-log for short.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-08
Search Innovation: Looking for the Average Joe
Google's beta release of their desktop search tool was their shot across the bow of the USS Microsoft Search. Following hard of the heels of promising technology releases from Blinkx and Copernic, Google is staking their claim to the desktop search space. And Microsoft seems to have been caught flat footed, as they continue to push back the deadline for the release of Longhorn, which will integrate desktop search with the operating system. Many seem to think a search related announcement out of Redmond is imminent.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-08
Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 3: Site Structure
Welcome to part three in this search engine positioning series. In the last article we discussed the importance and considerations that much be made while creating the content that will provide the highest ROI for your optimization efforts. In part three we will discuss the importance of site structure.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-08
Get Spidered By Google-Fast-And Get Paid for It!
Google is the king of search engines. No one else even comes close. Due to search partnerships with other sites (like Yahoo) means 250 million searches per month.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-05
Google, Yahoo!, Pandora's Box And The Lottery
In the fall of 1990, the musical group Snap had a monster number one hit record called, "I've Got The Power."
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-03
Steps To A Well Optimized Website: Content Creation
Welcome to part two in this search engine optimization series. In part one we covered the importance and tactics for choosing the keywords and keyword phrases that will provide the highest ROI for your optimization efforts. In part two we will discuss how to properly write content for high search engine positioning.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-03
Choosing Keywords: What They Don't Tell You
Let me start off by saying that I am no web design expert but I have designed a few websites and the biggest challenge I found was choosing keywords. It seems like it would be easy but it is not.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-02
Jump-start Your Link Building (without Getting Sandboxed)
Link popularity has been written about ad nauseum, but most articles address the subject from a perspective circa 2001. The available information usually focuses on topics such as reciprocal linking or the current price of a PR6 link. But following outdated link building advice is more likely to get your Web site penalized than it is to help you gain top rankings.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2004-11-01


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