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Reader Response to Search Engines and Font Tags
In a recent SEO Corner, a reader asked Shari Thurow how search engines are affected by various body elements. Web designer Lee Roberts offers some additional comments to her response.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-27
The True Search Engine Secrets!
The search engines are constantly changing and a few years ago, it was very difficult to get your web site ranked. However today it is relatively easy. According to online ratings, Google & Yahoo now have over 65% of the Internet audience and we will demonstrate how you can take advantage of the traffic.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-27
Case In Point: What You Need To Know About Link Popularity
Link popularity. The term has flooded the 'Net over the last year, and everybody is in a buzz trying to build link popularity for their sites. But do we really understand what link popularity is, and how it works best? If not, you're about to find out.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-25
A Guide to Optimizing Public Relations Content
This guide to "SEOing" your PR efforts can help you get high-ranking search results for your press releases, marketing white papers and ezine newsletter content. Whether you are managing PR efforts for several online companies or just one website, you've probably wondered how you can increase your sites (more importantly, your work) overall impact in the Web community. While the answer lies less and less on traditional forms of promotion such as press releases, learning the tricks of the trade to qualifying for top search engine placement could be the most important thing you ever do for your company.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-24
Get Top Search-Engine Ranking Using Keyword
Keywords and META tags can dramatically improve your search-engine ranking. Your prospects use keywords and key phrases to find you in the search engines. They give your web pages a chance to come up in the search results when your prospects type in words into a search engine that match the keywords in your META tags and web content.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-24
SEO Corner: The Search Engine Marketing Cycle - Part 1
Reader Question: I am in the typical quandary of the Internet small business owner. I am trying to find a submission/optimization company that will do a good job for us at a reasonable price. We have found that the sales go up for about a three-month period when we take on a new service, then the sales level, then they fall. We are not opposed to paying a reasonable monthly fee, but we need a company who will actually be concerned about long-term results without us having to think about it and remind them.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-20
Beware Of Search Engine Vanity
Just a few years ago, when asked "How do you drive traffic to your website", many companies would name banner ads as their main marketing medium for increasing online revenues. In an effort to increase brand awareness, companies spent thousands of dollars on obnoxious banner advertisements on high profile websites in an effort to cement their reputation as the number one company or product in their industry.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-19
Search Engine Tips For Newbies
Back in 1996 when ImagineNation.com was first getting started, all you had to do was build a web site and visitors would immediately show up to see what was going on. Even though our business focus has changed, we still maintain some of the early web pages because those pages are still linked to and used by certain organizations.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-18
Choosing Domains for Search Engine Placement
Dear Ross: What is your perspective on the search engine placement advantage conferred by a domain name that's identical to the main search phrase for a site?
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-13
Google Has Been a Mess - Take this Time to Prepare
I just wanted to ask you if you have had anyone complain recently about Google and their rankings? I normally rank #3 or #4 for the search term "custom glass". In the past few weeks I have dropped to page 4. The weird thing is that an unrelated hosting company appears on page 1 of the search results. They have nothing to do with custom glass. Also, I checked the link popularity of some of the sites that are ranking higher than me, and I have more links to me than they do. Do you know what is going on? It is really hurting my business.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-13
Site Map and Meta Tag Questions
Hello Ross, Here are my questions: 1. What are the differences between a typical site map page and a crawler page? 2. Is there any wisdom in having the meta tag with key words only on the Home page of a twenty page site?
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-13
Splash Pages & What it Takes to Get Listed
Hello Ross: I recently opened my business on-line at . We submitted to numerous search engines on three separate occasions. I frequently see companies (my competitors) listed in the top ten on some very popular engines. My address never comes up. What do I need to do to get listed? Because we are a start up company we cannot afford some of the fees being asked. I am open for advice from the expert.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-13
SEO Corner - Search Engines and Font Tags
Question: Since Netscape handles the spacing around heading tags (<H1>,<H2>, etc.) differently from IE, I have been forced to use large font tags (<font size="6">) and bold them, so I can keep the spacing consistent, cross-browser.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-11
Search Engine Optimization Secrets
I'm sure that everyone knows that the travel sector is one of the most competitive online. There are literally thousands of sites and the search engine rankings appear to be controlled by the big corporate travel sites. So where does that leave a small travel business on the internet? Well, there are actually still many opportunities for these sites.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-10
Analyze Your Competition For Higer SE Rankings
Greetings from North East Scotland! I enjoy your emails very much as SEO is important to us. Would there be any chance of you reviewing our site from a SE rankings perspective? We have difficulties competing on terms against free translation providers (like Babelfish and freetranslation who have huge link pops) and would like help in overcoming this.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-10
SEO Corner - Attributes, Variables, and Search Engine Visibility
Question: Do search engines read information contained in JavaScript variables, the page head, and in the page body? Do search engines follow JavaScript links?
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-09
The Myth of "Guaranteed #1 Ranking" in Search Engine Marketing
You've seen the ads: Guaranteed #1 Ranking! There are no guarantees in search engine marketing and website promotion. If anyone tells you different, you should check quickly to make sure they don't have their hand in your wallet.
Directory: > eBusiness > SEO
Date: 2003-06-04


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