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RSS and Blog Marketing for Real Estate
Earlier this month, Realtor Magazine announced that they would be featuring an article about Tampa Bay Realtor John Mudd and the success he has been having in attracting prospects and media attention with his blog on real estate.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-30
E-commerce: The Bop Approach
For centuries and most of the decades in the 20th century (i.e when computer was invented) access and communication was the tool of rich and ultra rich people, prohibitively expansive to ‘not so rich' and ‘not at all rich' people.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-29
Email Marketing - The Not-So-Free Offers in Your Inbox
All the fake "free" email offers slipping through my junkmail filter are starting to test my patience. Not because they slip through, but because the emails themselves just beg not to be taken seriously. When will the senders recognize the universal truth: If you're going to use the word free, for heaven's sake mean what you say.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-29
The Hybrid Blog and Ping
For the past two years, one of the best SEO inclusion tactics was the use of blogs. Blogs have become a base standard in SEO marketing, but as times change, so does the efficacy of any tactic.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-28
Surviving Website Identity Theft
Every now and then you read about identity theft. I am not talking about the theft of your personal identity, sure that happens too, I am talking about the theft of a website's identity. The big question is: What should you do if somebody with deeper pockets and more push creates a website similar to yours, stealing your limelight, and your hard earned visitors? Let me answer your question from my own experience.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-28
4 Tricks For Lightning Fast Indexing
The biggest problem that most are running into seems to do with getting INTO the search engines. Rankings aside, you need to first get them to index you.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-27
Cost-Per-Action in the Near Future
To say that the search engine marketing industry is booming would be an understatement. And Pay-Per-Click (PPC), the method by which advertisers pay each time a searcher clicks on their sponsored link as a result of a search query using relevant terms, is a large part of that industry.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-27
Why You Should Be Podcasting, Two Reasons: Choice and Convenience
Interested in a new, cutting-edge tool that can reach millions of potential customers? Then you are looking for podcasting!
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-26
The 7-Step RSS Marketing Plan
If you're wondering how to get started with RSS marketing, here's a basic 7-step plan that should provide some needed guidance.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-26
Have You Got Too Many Web Sites?
Too many websites are nearly always a bad idea. Getting your customer to remember one web address is more than enough of a challenge.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-26
The Future of RSS is Not Blogs
Blogs vaulted RSS into the limelight but are unlikely to be the force that sustains RSS as a communication medium. The biggest opportunities for RSS are not in the blogosphere but as a corporate communication channel.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-20
Finger Eating Garage Door Reveals Breakthrough Web Design and Linking Strategy
Last Thursday afternoon I was working on a garage door and regrettably loosened the torsion spring too much. This spring is what relieves or neutralizes the weight of the garage door so the openers can work without burning out and so you don't have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to open it.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-19
How to Save Money on the Adwords Network
Over the years I have had many accounts with Adwords, spending a small fortune with the Adwords service. So naturally I have picked up many cost saving tricks.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-18
So You Want to be a "Google Advertising Professional"
If you consider yourself a Google Adwords Expert and handle your own or other Adwords accounts for clients you may want to become a "Google Advertising Professional".
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-18
Web Analytics: Getting It Right
Understanding and using web analytics.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-18
RSS as a Change Agent
To better understand how RSS is changing the way companies and individuals deliver and consume content on the macro scale, let us first remember how content is traditionally delivered and consumed.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-14
Optimizing Adsense For Better Performance and More Money!
So you want to make money with Google Adsense? I don't blame you, who doesn't want residual income! This article will show you how to better optimize Google Adsense to make more money from your web site(s).
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2005-07-11


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