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Overcoming International Barriers related to e-Commerce
One of the great things about the internet is that with a credit card merchant account you can sell your product or service anywhere around the world with much ease. To maximize the global reach of your products and services, it is vital to provide international customers with web pages localized in their native language, and customized to their cultural surroundings, and customs. Simply translating your web site, into various languages is a very important first step, but it is not enough. When doing business internationally, besides language, you have to pay close attention to measurement units, currencies, and time and dates.
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Date: 2002-10-31
Profit 101: Making Your Business Prosper In Uncertain Economic Times
http://www.idealmarketingcorp.com We've been going through some uncertain economic times recently. And those with a job are (rightly) worried about security: of their jobs and pension plans. Insider trading, executives caught with their hands in the corporate cookie jar, stock manipulation, downsizings: all seem commonplace. As a result, many businesses are revising long-term plans for a short-term focus. So, how does your business fit into this economic climate? Actually, as a small business, you're in a pretty good spot.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-30
Five Common Misconceptions to Achieving Success with your Online Business
How successful is your online business? Are you achieving the monetary rewards that you'd hoped to achieve when you set up your Web site? If not, you may have fallen prey to one of five common misconceptions to achieving success with an online business. Misconception #1: If you put up a Web site, people will come. Regretfully, this is far from the truth. Competition is fierce on the Internet, and you must learn how to compete in order to have a successful online business. Putting up a Web site is the first step, but doing nothing more will ensure your site's failure.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-29
The Unwritten Rules of Advertising on Forums
There are thousands of newsgroups and forums online. They provide a fascinating and useful insight into the minds and methods of others who share our interests. They also act as an amazing resource for finding out almost anything you need to know.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-22
Everything Geo: The Language of Local Online Commerce
Local online commerce is going to be huge. According to The Kelsey Group, local advertising revenues are expected to reach about $50 billion by 2006. Like all big trends, this one has its own lingo. Here are a few of the buzzwords you may hear in the coming months. All of them have the "geo" prefix, derived from the word "geography" or "earth". There's very little written on this subject, so please be aware that these definitions are my OWN interpretations of various articles and resources.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-11
Your Business Plan: a Guide to Success
As a professional business writer, I am often privy to valuable information regarding my client's business performance. Noticing a common thread running through their strategies, I recently asked some pointed questions of three successful business owners. Each suggested that a strong business plan was their first and most important tool as they prepared for their venture. With that in mind, I probed further for specifics and received the following responses.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-09
Demystifying Value Added
Walk around the offices of corporate America today and you will hear whispers of the cost cutting and employee layoff villains. Where can we turn to, what force will combat these scourges? In the same hushed breath, people often answer with a focus on value added.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-09
Rocketing Your eBay Profits
You Will Make $1000 a Month in 3 Months if:
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-08
Traffic Engineering: Finding the Right Route
Being multihomed means you have two (or more) routes to any destination connected to the Internet. In other words, you need a way to decide which route is better. When left to its own devices, a BGP router will try to send traffic over the route with the shortest AS path. Depending on the connectivity of your upstream ISPs and traffic patterns, this will suit the available bandwidth of the respective connections to varying degrees. Even though bandwidth is getting cheaper all the time, it's usually advantageous to try to balance the traffic so that it takes advantage of all the available bandwidth in a multihomed setup. Thus, if BGP decides that most of the outgoing traffic should go through the smallest pipe, you will have to tell it that this isn't what you want by tweaking one or more BGP attributes. Ideally, more traffic will then flow over the under-used connection. At the same time, you'll want the traffic to take the best route to a destination, if possible, whatever "best" may be. This type of activity is called traffic engineering
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-08
How to Get Non-Stop Profits With a Simple Classified Ad
I love classified ads. They are the cheapest advertising on the planet. If you use them right, classified ads can really turn a profit for you.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-04
The Art of Networking
Before there were computers and the Internet, before television and radio, before phones and electricity, business people still had to find ways to promote their businesses. The archaic promotional technique they used is still in practice today. The technique I speak of is networking; probably the oldest, most accepted, and least expensive means of promoting yourself or your business.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-04
Run Profitable Contests with the Aid of Autoresponders
Running a contest for your e-zine subscribers or web site visitors is one way you can generate interest and give more exposure for products or services you want to promote. A contest could be as simple as spotting a word or a set of words within an e-zine's issue or searching for a graphic on a site. A contest can run for one issue, or it can last for a month or more. If you plan to run a contest, make sure you have a "contest management response system" in place. This could be as simple as an automated e-mail receipt to let your participants know their entry has been received. Run a contest that asks your participants to send their responses to specific e-mail addresses. Then create an automated receipt confirmation for each account.
Directory: > eBusiness > eBusiness Tactics
Date: 2002-10-03


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