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New C++ Standard, New Focus
Now that the new version of C++, C++11 is out in the wild as an ISO C++ Standard, there's a renewed focus on getting applications, tools, and books up to date with the new standard. The leaders of the ISO Committee have weighed in on the latest versions of the language. There's Herb Sutter writing about C++11, there's Bjarne Stroustrup's C++11 FAQ, and the upcoming C++Now! conference that's going to be held in Aspen Colorado. Clang is racing to get C++11 support into the stable release of the compiler, and GCC is humming along nicely with it as is Microsoft's Visual C++. Instead of write about any specific things, I would lend my opinion on what needs to be the new focus not for C++11 the language, but the supporting toolchains surrounding this new language - and the version that's coming after this one.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-11-01

Minus the Header-Only Dogma
I've been working on the C++ Network Library for a few years already total but have been on-and-off with it until recently. One of the first decisions that I made in implementing the library was to try and do a header-only approach to implementing a network library implementation. At first it made perfect sense - you get the compiler to optimize as much of the code as it can while being able to expose a very friendly and expressive interface. When it was merely a handful of header files and there was just the notion of a message and the HTTP client, all was fine. I was perfectly happy showing off really simple but powerful use-cases where you'd want a C++ application to be able to make HTTP calls and get the contents without having any knowledge of how networks worked or how to program sockets on either Windows or UNIX-like systems. Until I got ambitious and it became a real project that people wanted to use - then reality became real.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-08-30

C++0x Is Official: Unanimously
Herb Sutter, one of the rock stars of the C++ development world has posted his thoughts and shares with the world that C++0x has been approved unanimously as an International Standard. From his post:
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-08-15

What You’ve Missed With C++: 2011 So Far
The past few months have been a jam-packed with a few developments in terms of C++. Not only did C++0x get the almost unanimous nod of the industry to be good enough to be called C++11 but there's also a few stories that have come out that need some attention too. There was the Google findings which show that C++ is by far the best performing programming language (if you have enough programmers that know the language well enough to wield it proficiently) and C++ AMP which aims to bring massively parallel C++ programming closer to the mainstream by Microsoft. Also, last May BoostCon 2011 was held with a pretty good lineup of talks that Boost users would be most appreciative of. It seems like 2011 is the year that C++ dusts off its boots and starts marching on again to the top of the programming language hill. Or is it?
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-07-13

cpp-netlib 0.9.0 Released!
After the one-week beta period for the 0.9.0 release, I'm happy to announce that the official 0.9.0 release is now available for general availability at the Github project downloads page. This 0.9.0 release is the first version of the library to be submitted for review to the Boost C++ Library project. Most changes that happened from the beta to the official release involve adding debugging information to critical parts of the server and client implementations as well as documentation and Boost.Build system updates.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-04-28

cpp-netlib 0.9-beta Out Now!
After months and months of delays, finally the 0.9-beta version of The C++ Network Library project is out now. The beta period will take a full week before an official release is made available for general availability. The 0.9 release will be the version that gets submitted for review to the Boost C++ Library project.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-04-14

C++0x will be C++ 2011
As you might already have heard from other places and read from other sources, the ISO C++ committee has now finally voted to publish the current Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) for the language referred to affectionately as C++0x.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-03-31

Free/Delete Not Returning Memory To OS?
As I do keep tabs on what's going on with C++ around the web, I chanced upon this short and succinct article about ‘free' and ‘delete' not returning memory to the OS from Thought Garage which starts with:
WebProNews > Top News > VON 2011-03-17

Broken C++: Old Compilers
Up until recently I've only had to deal with standard-compliant C++. I've pretty much enjoyed writing C++ code that abides by an accepted and well-defined standard. This means I have been for the most part using most of the standard features of the Standard Template Library. That changed most recently when I had to deal older versions of compilers which did not support standard C++, and thus I felt the pain that most others have had to deal with a while back.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-03-03

Green Computing with C++
Have you heard of green computing? It's basically the concept of lowering the energy requirements of computers in order to reduce the carbon footprint of datacenter operations and desktop/mobile applications. The idea is that since computers already suck out a lot of juice from the power grid around the world, at least we should be able to reduce the amount of heat that the computers generate to save on the costs of cooling the machines in data centers.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-02-17

How To Wield C++ In An Effective Manner
There is a largely unspoken understanding between/among C++ developers that goes a little something like this: "any sufficiently complex problem can be solved by working with the appropriate abstractions". This is not a hard/fast rule but it's something that the senior C++ guys understand and internalize from an engineering perspective...
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-02-03

Why Generic C Programming Has Not Taken Off
I thought about the subject a little more and tried to look into myself and what was stopping me from learning generic programming earlier in my C++ programming experience. One recent interview I had still sold C++ as an Object Oriented Programming language, which was surprising to me because it was only half-true. I knew better than trying to correct the interviewer, but that's a different thing. After a little introspection, here are a few reasons why I think GP has had a hard time getting into the mainstream.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-01-21



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