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Win with Marketing Automation
Are you trying to decide if you need Marketing Automation?  Simple!  Just decide if you need the following:
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2012-11-05

Add the Power of Marketing Automation to Your CRM
We all know that customers and prospects are more in control of the buying conversation. Not that long ago, sales were almost exclusive achieved by us looking for strong sales hunters. 
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2012-10-23

Protect Yourself from Losing a Prospect Sponsor and Possibly the Account
Play Your Cards Right with CRM You've spent months of resources on a huge proposal with an important prospect, have built a very good relationship with the sponsor of this proposal, but the sponsor moves to another position or another company.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2012-04-16

Still Not Using CRM?
You Must Be Feeling Lucky Are you one of those companies who still don't have a CRM system in place? Maybe, don't want to spend the money? Don't see the value or need? After all, you have your Excel files, right? Those should provide everything you need for managing your reps and staying in touch with customers, won't they?
WebProNews > Top News > VON 2012-04-12

The Power of Traditional Marketing Channels
While new marketing channels are probably here to stay, don't disregard the power of traditional marketing channels. Direct mail with targeted GIS marketing, trade shows, newspaper advertising, radio and television, Email and telesales won't be out of the picture soon, if ever.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2012-01-23

CRM is Different Than an Accounting System
Successful CRM Requires an Organization to Know Their Own Best Practices
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-11-10

Successful CRM Requires Commitment by All Management Levels
CRM is not just another piece of software to be loaded onto your computer network or floating in the cloud. It should be the backbone of your customer knowledge, customer service and sales. If senior management, especially sales, isn't committed to your CRM, then failure of the system is a given.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-10-11

The Power of Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps
Mapping is changing the game in CRM. In fact, it is putting companies ahead of the game.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-07-28

Excellent Customer Service Drives Business Growth
A recent article posted on Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog, titled Good Service is Good Business, by Ginger Conlon, begins with the statement, "Customers are willing to spend more with businesses that deliver quality customer service."
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-05-23

The Increasing Importance of CRM for the Financial Services Industry
How important is CRM becoming for the Financial Services Industry? What are industry analysts saying about CRM and the benefits for the financial services industry?   To get a better understanding, read the following excerpts from SearchCRM.com then review the linked articles.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-03-04

How Can You Identify Your Ideal Customer?
It's been said time and again that not all customers are created equal. The sad truth is, regardless of your need for new customers (and the almighty dollar), some clients just aren't good for your company. Some may sap your profits, curtail your growth - in fact, may even put you out of business.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2011-01-10

Holding Out On Social CRM Until Your Current CRM Works Correctly
If you are currently using a CRM system (hereafter known as CRM1.0), you've most likely heard about Social CRM, which is often being billed by many CRM services providers as something akin to a CRM 2.0.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-11-29

Choosing The Best CRM For Your Business
Too many choices, too many providers. How do you make the right decisions? There is no perfect way to make the best choices, but the first decision needed to be agreed upon is that CRM is vital for your sales and marketing effectiveness.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-11-08

Solid Foundations For Using CRM In Your Enterprise
CSO Insights, a major research firm that benchmarks the challenges faced by today's sales and marketing organizations, cited the results learned from their 2010 Sales Performance Optimization Study
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-10-04

Creating A Successful Enterprise CRM Strategy
Fifteen years - at least - of CRM technology provides a heavy history and ample advice of best practices that will help guide you to successful CRM implementation and usage.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-09-09

Focusing Your CRM On Successes Not Failures
I keep reading articles about CRM failure, so I thought I might change the slant a bit and point out how to make it successful.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-05-03

What Valuable CRM Data Are You Missing In Your Database?
My last two posts, Heading in the Right Sales & Marketing Direction and Golden Customer Rules point out  the importance of knowing your best customers and treating them like you want to be treated.
So, what's the best way to accomplish these vital sales and marketing needs?
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2010-02-08

Reaching Your Full Revenue Potential
It appears that lack of existing customer insight and the tools to leverage that insight is creating a revenue roadblock for many marketers.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2009-03-12

Entellium says Goodbye
The software industry often expounds that you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your category or simply out of business. The question I pose is whether the announcement that Entellium, makers of Rave CRM, has closed its doors, is an early warning of more fallout to come in the CRM space.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2008-10-27

How Well Do You Know Your Best Customers?
As a marketer, how much do you really know about your best customers? How much more should you know in order to retain them and find more like them?
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2008-08-05

Your Best Customers Should Come Before Your Best Prospects
In relation to my last post, Driving Sales to Existing Customers Takes a Marketing Dive, I'd like to point out a great post by Brian Carroll, Should Lead Generation Ignore Current Customers, along with recent research by the CMO Council, Marketers Are Flying Blind When It Comes To Leveraging Customer Data And Analytics.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2008-06-27

Is a CRM System Worth the Cost?
Last year I visited the president - a very worried president - of a company whose lead sales rep left and took along $2M dollars worth of business. That is a hefty chunk of change for any business.
WebProNews > Expert Articles > Expert Articles 2008-06-26



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