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G'day Mates!

I must be going through my Australian phase. Anyway, today is the first of a two-part series on drop shipping on the Internet. It is well written and a fun read. Chris Malta, the author of this informative and fun series, has done a great job with this article.

I hope that you enjoy it.


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Drop-shipping on the 'Net: Where the Products Are (and Aren't)

You want to own a drop ship Internet business. You want to sell lots of fancy, shiny new things to people all over the world. You're going to set up a virtual store full of great products. The makers of those products are going to ship them directly to your customers with YOUR business name on them. You'll never have to buy even a dollar's worth of inventory. No employees, no warehouse, no shipping department to pay for. Your customers will shower you with Visa purchases, and your suppliers will send the products directly to your customers. You'll get rich, and spend the rest of your working life administering your booming business via your laptop computer from a poolside lounge chair on the terrace behind your sprawling beach house...oh, um, sorry, that's MY dream...

Dreams are good things to have. They motivate you, drive you forward, give you reason to hope for a better future, and they also tease you mercilessly. The reality is that it takes a lot of work to succeed in selling on the Internet. It can, however, be done. If you know where the products are.

Drop shipping is a simple concept. As I said above, it works like this:

  • You build an Internet site with a Shopping Cart and a Merchant Account (so you can accept Visa, Mastercard, etc).
  • You post lots of wonderful products for sale on your site.
  • You buy the products from a drop-shipper for a dollar, and sell them to your customers for a dollar fifty.
  • The drop shipper you buy from sends the products directly to your customers. You never touch the inventory.
  • You keep the fifty cents. Pure profit.

Sounds great, huh? Ok, so where do you find the products you want to sell, from a distributor who is willing to drop ship them?

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First Instinct
If you have a quality web site, chances are you're already being linked to and don't even realize it. That's a great starting point however, you must build on that by finding targeted web sites that may be interested in exchanging links with you. A targeted web site will have similar content to yours, but will not be in competition. A good way to find these web sites is to visit a Search Engine and type in one of your keywords. Visit some of the top ranking sites and gather information such as, the owner's name, email address and a little bit about the web site. Contact the owner personally and discuss a link exchange with them. Mention the owner's name, web site and what you liked about his site. In addition, tell him why you think a link exchange will benefit both of you and a little bit about your web site.

My first instinct was simple: Hit the search engines, and search for "Drop Ship". So, I did just that. Yahoo returned about 60 gazillion hits touting the ever-popular "American Drop Shipper's Directory". Can't go wrong there, I thought, so I happily zapped my twelve bucks over the Net to one of the countless resellers of that popular book.

I stood patiently next to my mailbox for a couple of weeks, waiting for my shiny new hardbound copy of the book that would make me rich. When it finally showed up, I almost gave it to my son, thinking it was a copy of his elementary school newsletter. In short, it was nearly useless. Those listings that had phone numbers, I called. Some of them didn't know what I was talking about. Some of them were willing to drop ship, but I didn't think I was going to make a fortune selling fake vomit and dribble glasses on the 'Net. The rest of them wanted me to mail money to a PO box, and they would send me information on how they were going to make me rich. Sigh.

Part 2 will be published tomorrow...

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