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[Guide] IT Talks to Marketing About Video Platforms
As you know, choosing an online video platform (OVP) is not just an IT decision. Everyone, from marketing to investor relations, internal communications, and customer support is posting videos online these days. With marketers being some of the heaviest video users, how can you get them to buy-in and adopt a single platform that allows everyone to reap the benefits?
Date: 2017-03-29

Advertisers Less Excited About Snapchat
On the heels of Snapchat's historic tech IPO a few days ago, which was second only to Facebook, comes less promising news for the social and messaging app leader. A survey of 1,600 marketers published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age shows that return on ad dollars from Snapchat falls far behind the company's chief rival Instagram. So far behind that even ad revenue from AOL isn't much worse.
Date: 2017-03-16

[Report] Email Strategies of the Top 100 E-Retailers
Iterable analyzed the email marketing strategies used by the top 100 U.S. e-retailers to see how they engage with their customers.
Date: 2017-03-15

Download Now: Beginner's Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases
This ebook contains over 150 carefully crafted pages exploring the art of obtaining media attention with press releases.
Date: 2017-03-15

27 ready-to-send email templates
We've pulled together 27 of our most persuasive email templates, and put them into a guide that tells you exactly who to send them to and when.
Date: 2017-03-13

Brand New Leaked Photos of Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8
In what is expected to be the one of several more leaked reveals in the coming days, hot new photos of the Samsung Galaxy 8 were posted a few hours ago that clearly show the device at almost every angle.
Date: 2017-03-06

One Small Typo Lead To Amazon's Big Mishap
In a follow up to Tuesday's significant disruption of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company announced yesterday that the reason for the mishap was due to human-error...a typo to be exact.
Date: 2017-03-03

YouTube Tops 1 Billion Hours of Video a Day
Albert Einstein once stated " For every one billion particles of antimatter there were one billion and one particles of matter. And when the mutual annihilation was complete, one billionth remained – and that's our present universe." This is his simple way of explaining why our universe is 99.9% matter and just a trace of anti-matter.
Date: 2017-03-01

[Ebook] How To Measure Your Social Media Efforts
A social media campaign that isn't planned around social media data sounds unwise - but believe it or not it's more common than you think. Most marketers have witnessed planning meetings where campaign decisions are made on the beliefs and educated guesswork of a team versus what social media data actually tells them.
Date: 2017-03-01

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