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Become an Expert Press Release Writer in Minutes!
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You don't have to be an expert to write an online press release that could get you onto Google's front page. To grab the attention of millions of readers, you just need a piece of news and the free PRWeb Guide to Writing Great Online Press Releases. From strong headlines to well-placed keywords, this guide gives you all the tips to get you started:
Avoid jargon: use plain language that everyone can understand. No tech speak, please!
Be concise: some search engines won't even read your release if it's too long.
Don't advertise: you're sharing a story. Just stick with the facts.
Learn today and start attracting more attention instantly - download the free guide now and save 25% off your first release!
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*Terms and Conditions apply. This offer exclusively available to new PRWeb customers only. To take advantage of this offer, you must create a PRWeb account using the link provided in this email. A confirmation will be sent to your email address with a link to download your whitepaper. This offer is non-transferable and non-refundable. If your news release is not distributed within 30 days of the date on which you submitted your material or pay for the service for reasons other than a delay caused solely by PRWeb, then PRWeb's service shall be considered complete, and PRWeb shall have no further obligation to you regarding news release submission or payment refunds. For details, view our Terms of Services. If you need help, call our 24-Hour Editorial Support team directly at 360-312-0892 or Toll Free at 1-866-640-6397. Offer expires February 28, 2014.
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