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SES London Optimizing, Google is Advertising? Digg Bans Stories

Video Update:
SES London Optimizing, Google is Advertising? Digg Bans Stories

WebProNews correspondent Nicole Eggers reports on SES London, Gmail YouTube ads, Digg SEO's banned, MSN Reporter and new Alexa traffic stats.

Special Search Brains Coverage of SES: London

Session Recap Competitive Research - Bruce Clay
Overheard At SES London - SEOmoz
Google News Isnt Top Dog In UK Search, Either - SEW
Poker - Too Competitive For White Hat SEO? - SEOmoz
Search Engine Strategies, Day 3 - Bruce Clay

Search Headlines & Links: Feb. 16, 2007 - SEW
Recap Auditing Paid Click And Click Fraud - Bruce Clay
What's A Low-Quality Ad, Anyway? - Traffick
Search Engine Strategies London, Day 2 - Bruce Clay
Search Engine Strategies London, Day 1 - Bruce Clay

Last Night In London - SEOmoz
A Keynote Conversation - S.E. Roundtable
Top Of Mind, Even If Not Top Of Traffic - S. E. Land
Blogs & Social Media Drive Traffic - SEW
Video And Podcast SEO - S.E. Roundtable

SES: London Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Search Engine Strategies: London Coverage

Editor's Note: WebProNews is fnishing up our coverage of SES: London, and we have for you here a round up of all the latest news.

Grabbing That Long Tail With Great Content
If you haven't gotten the message yet that your website content needs to be as original and niche as possible for long-term search engine visibility, it's time to get it and to hold on to it as you might the long tail as it pulls you along. But generating that extra searchable content isn't a picnic, now is it?
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SES London: Touching Your Local Customers
Local search marketing tactics need to consider the needs of the desired customer base, and where they might go to satisfy those needs.
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SES London: Targeting Local Search
WebProNews guest correspondent Debbie Harrison has provided us with more coverage of the Search Engine Strategies conference in London. Today’s coverage will focus on local search marketing.
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SES London: Linkbait & When It's Not
The link baiting season promised to be one of the highlights of SES London. With linkbait being one of the hottest contemporary SEO themes, the crowds filled the room to hear what the industry experts were going to share.
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SES London: When is a Link Farm NOT a Link Farm?
If you were at SES London, you might have heard one or two little nuggets that seemed inconsequential at first, but were probably more important than you realise.
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SES London: Google Working on 'Pseudo-Pagerank'
The Meet The Crawlers session included reps from the big 4 search engines (Ask is now as big as Live by many counts).
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SES: Campaign & Project Management
The Search Engine Strategies conference series is back in full swing this week, providing insight from some of the more forward thinkers in the search industry. Emanating from London, this SES conference promises to be one of the most robust we’ve seen.
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Matt Cutts Speaks Up At SES London
Matt Cutts has left the country. Google didn’t transfer him, though, and he didn’t run away – Cutts only temporarily crossed the pond to drop in at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in London. Cutts actually gave the “keynote conversation,” which Chris Sherman moderated.
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SES London: Getting The Most Out of Blogging/RSS

Jason Lee MillerBy Jason Lee Miller
Editor | WebProNews

In the last few years the blogosphere has swelled, or evolved perhaps, from a loose and obscure collection of early adopters shooting from the hip into an all-encompassing theater of discourse. In this theater nowadays, your presence as a business professional is just short (very short) of required, but shooting from the hip, or half-arseing your online presence, is an enterprise best left to the MySpace drones.

Your blog is important. But the problem is navigating an ocean of text, which is a familiar issue in the SEM/SEO community...

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About the Author:
Jason Lee Miller is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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Rafael's Editors Pic

Should I upgrade?

Well in looking through the forum this morning at potential posts to use for the newsletter, I came across a post by grillsgt. They are having the same problem that many face when deciding on if upgrading to IE7 from IE6 is worth the extra effort. The reason for the upgrade is to test their web designs in the new browser, but they are concerned that by doing so they will loose the ability to view work in IE6. The option given to them is to install a virtual host on their pc, but they'd rather not do that. See if you can help them out at WebProWorld.

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|| Rafael||

IE7 and IE6

How have other designers addressed the need or want to preview sites under development in both IE6 and IE7? I keep getting a message from Windows that "updates are ready for your computer. Install these updates." Well, the updates are actually one; update to IE7.

I've been reluctant to do so for a couple of reasons, and I don't care to act as a Microsoft tester. You also cannot upgrade to IE7 without overwriting IE6.

I have a variety of browsers installed on my computer, and I'd like to be able to use IE6 as well as IE7 to preview sites in both. Someone at MS has informed me that I can install a virtual PC and use IE6 that way. I'm not averse to upgrading, but more than 50% of my visitors use IE6 (as opposed to approximately 25% that use IE7), so I want to make sure that the experience is pleasant.
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