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Microsoft Campus Feels Middle-Age Spread
The company plans to spend $1 billion over the next three years to add fourteen buildings to its Redmond campus...

Yahoo Finance Paying Off
Yahoo added several columnists to its Finance site last year to provide content beyond the stock charts and hard news featured on the site, and still holds a firm lead in visitors for its category.

Google Promotes AdRank
Site publishers who have wondered why certain ads appear where they do in their AdSense blocks can learn about that in Google's latest AdSense blog post.

Blog Pushes Politico Out Of NASA
George Deutsch joined the US space agency via a White House appointment, and tried to get a staffer at NASA to add the word "theory" to every instance of Big Bang on NASA's web sites.

Gmail Hints At Managed Domain Service
An intrepid blogger delved deep into the JavaScript underpinning Google's Gmail service, and found a snippet of code pointing to a potential feature.

Gateway CEO Bails Out
Wayne Inouye has ejected from the personal computer manufacturer and deployed a $720,000 golden parachute to soften his landing.

Lycos Turning Search Lights Out?
A rumour is circulating that says Lycos has laid off most of its search team and is retaining a skeleton crew to keep its beleaguered services operating.

Ask Jeeves Leaning On Pisa
The Oakland-based search engine has been working on its Continental flair, by adding a research center in Italy to complement the debut of two new search sites in Europe.

Google Desktop Does Cross-PC Search
One new feature in the latest version of Google's information-laden Desktop product will get a lot of attention from users in the wake of Google's fight...

Yahoo Considers Search Incentives
While Yahoo isn't implementing Bill Gates suggestion that search engines should consider paying their users, Yahoo is thinking about giving some goodies to people who make Yahoo their primary search engine.

Amazon Should Rename A9 To Alexa
The A9 search engine may want to consider a name change as the Amazon subsidiary starts over with a new chief executive and hopefully some new energy in their search efforts.

David Utter
Friday Feb 10, 2006

Google Auctioning Print Ads

We may never know what happened before AOL ran to the microphone to announce their Enhanced Whitelist's resuscitation. But both Goodmail and AOL deny there was any intent to corner the bulk email market, leaving the world outside AOL conference rooms to wonder.

Editor's Note: Do you think there's more to this story than AOL is letting on? Can you buy the idea that AOL never had plans to do away with its Enhanced Whitelist? How would you change your business plan if major ESP's set up exclusive relationships with third parties to charge postage fees for email delivery? Discuss at WebProWorld.
Goodmail Denies Fee-Mail Monopoly Game Was all this a practical joke? A failed conspiracy? Propaganda? Goodmail chief Richard Gingras says the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

"No one ever said anything about the Whitelist going away. [The statement] said the Enhanced Whitelist was going away. It didn't say Goodmail was the only option," Gingras told WebProNews.

Unlike AOL, at least he seems to acknowledge there was some sort of goofed communication. Gingras went on to say, declining to name names, that competitors and some press were intentionally misrepresenting the situation.

The Goodmail service, he said, is an optional authentication service with a higher level of sophistication than traditional IP-based whitelists, and not a kind of "email tax." Gingras insisted also that the rumor AOL and Yahoo! were providing email addresses to third parties were untrue.

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What Gingras said about Goodmail being optional is certainly true, at least now. But as the press, bulk emailers, and anyone else who read the Charles Stiles "memo" understood it, Goodmail was thrown some kind of exclusivity. That corner on the market, especially if it involved email service providers Yahoo! and AOL, had huge implications.

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But all of those implications and apparent consequences of AOL's well-publicized "thought piece" are now moot, if the Enhanced Whitelist phase out was never an objective, if the wording was unclear or unfortunate, or if such a statement never existed. It's kind of a "if we didn't say that, then it never happened" thing. The problem's solved and everyone can go back to being friends.

While what Gingras said about Goodmail not being stated as the only option is true, the language of the memo didn't mention other choices. In fact, as the reaction of everyone who read it indicates, it seemed very clear that to retain image and link privileges granted through the Enhanced Whitelist, mailers would need to go through Goodmail's CertifiedEmail Service.

Pivotal Veracity's Deidre Baird intimated to WebProNews that the problem was with the (unintentional) wording. The Enhanced Whitelist phase out was mentioned in the same breath as CertifiedEmail, which created an appearance of exclusivity. Whether that apparent exclusivity was intended or accidental is unknown.

"Senders who are on the AOL Enhanced Whitelist will be eligible to apply for the CertifiedEmail service and AOL encourages senders to do so," writes Charles Stiles.

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About the Author:
Jason is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.
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Blogs House "Brand Assassins"

David UtterBy David Utter

Beware the lowly blogger, all ye mighty multinational corporations, for the keyboard, the RSS feed, and the comments section are mightier than the public relations sword.

The Economist discussed the shift in power when companies face public complaints. The article goes through the history of corporate behavior, from placating unions to splashy public relations efforts, all managed by the business.

Bloggers with a gripe, however, cannot be managed by someone on a corporation's organizational chart. Most bloggers occupy one portion on such a chart, and that would be right at the top. Someone who has climbed from the bottom to the top of the business world may have been able to forget those at the bottom in years past. Not now, as The Economist stated:

The spread of "social media" across the Internet-such as online discussion groups, e-mailing lists and blogs-has brought forth a new breed of brand assassin, who can materialize from nowhere and savage a firm's reputation. Often the assault is warranted; sometimes it is not.

All a blogger really needs to devastate a company is a bit of information and plausibility, a complaint that catches the imagination and a knack for making others care about his gripe.

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About the Author:
David is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.
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Chris Editor's Pic Chris Richardson

Guidelines To Being Indexed By Google

Pop quiz, hotshot: What do you do if you have a new site with no links pointing to it and you'd like to be indexed by Google? What are your options, besides going to a forum and putting a link to the site in question in your signature? What other methods of discovery do you suggest?

Take a look at what pagetta's got going on below and see if you can give her a hand, because her problem is very similar to the one I described above. The sitemap method has already been attempted, and still nothing. Could this be a case of the non-existant Google Sandbox? You decide and let your opinion be heard.

|| Chris||

LookSmart. Where to Look For What You Need.
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How Long to get Googled

I have been doing some SEO for about a year now, but all the sites I have worked on already had some ranking in Google, it just needed improving.

A friend of mine has just started a brand new website though and asked for some advice. He has submitted it to Google, and submitted a sitemap using Google sitemaps, but over a week on and they still have NO pages cached. Having no experience in brand new sites, I thought I would ask you guys.

How long does it generally take for Google to recognise your site at all?
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