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Yahoo Music Hacked
Robert Chapin says that his company, Chapin Information Services, has found a flaw in the design of Yahoo's website that allows easy, free downloading of DRM-free music tracks...

Google Print Finds a Home
Our previous article, What the Heck is Google Print?, explained what Google Print is and how to use it. At that time, you had to search for books among everything else from within the regular Google Search interface...

It's Baaack .... Google Page Rank Reappears
SEO addicts are breathing a sigh of relief today after the Disappearance of Google Page Rank seemingly being rectified in the last few hours...

Ask Jeeves Honors Memorial Day
Ask has a logo up for Memorial Day, a nice, understated silhouette of their butler, blowing a trumpet. It links to this page, which has a smart answer that says...

Yahoo's Slider Makes Commercial vs. Informational Dichotomy Overt
Playing to "the algo," as we've argued here for some time, may soon be a thing of the past. Yahoo's "Mindset" beta offers searchers the ability to customize their search as to commercial intent...

Google PageRank Outage on Google Toolbar
The Google PageRank indicator isn't displaying anything resembling green, on the ubiquitous Google toolbar...

Gmail Atom Feeds With Labels
Wow, this story is so old, I don't believe I've mentioned it since this blog was on Blogspot, but now there's a little new info...

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Yahoo! Music Hacked
Two weeks after the beta launch of Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Michigan-based Chapin Information Services (CIS) announced in a press release that it had successfully uncovered a design flaw in the Yahoo! Music service...

Google's A Librarian? You Betcha!
Google Print Beta goes live today furthering Google's attempt at their goal of organizing the world's information on the Internet. Problems may exist however with copyright problems and culture wars abroad...

Netscape 8 Wrecks IE Rendering: Uninstall Suggested
Senior program manager for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Dave Massey announced in his web log on Wednesday that after installing Netscape 8, the XML rendering capabilities of IE stopped working.

Inside eBusiness

Homeland Insecurity
The General Accounting Office says the Department of Homeland Security has not completed its 13 assigned cybersecurity tasks...

China Web Site Registration Deadline Today
Efforts to help grow electronic commerce by the government tempered by fear of subversive elements online...

AMD Kicks Dual Core Up Another Notch: Athlon 64 X2
AMD continues to assert itself against the traditional processor powerhouse known as Intel. With the immediate release of AMD's Athlon 64 X2...

Microsoft's Midnight EU Deadline Arrives Tonight
While the European Union would probably need several weeks to begin fining Microsoft under a previous antitrust ruling, the software company's deadline to comply with the ruling ends at midnight...

Samsung And Texas Instruments Deliver Satellite TV
Right now, the technology will be limited to users in South Korea, using a special broadcast format...

Camera Phones Challenge Security
Laws have been passed, and internal corporate processes frequently ban them, but camera phones still grow in sales. Sales of camera phones have not been deterred by the passage of federal laws...

Microsoft IIS7 Details Spreading Online
The newest webserver from Microsoft won't be available until Longhorn launches in about 18 months...

Jason Miller
Tuesday May 31, 2005

The e-commerce world is a tricky one. If you have an online business, then there's no doubt as to the importance of obtaining a high ranking on search engine results pages-especially on search master Google, whose popularity has led to a command of 85% of the search world.

Editor's Note: Has Google dropped you out of its index? Have you become a Google dropping? At Webproworld we maybe able to help you get ranked once again. Discuss any solutions you may have at WebProWorld.

A high ranking, especially a first or second spot, is the key to a successful online marking campaign. A drop in rank, or worse, disappearing altogether, can threaten the very life of your business-especially if your webpage is the sole face of your organization, your building, and your salesperson.

Search engine optimization is so competitive that some resort to "black hat" techniques to increase their ranking, a desperate, some say smart, but foolhardily risky practice that can get you banned from Google outright. But there are still instances, usually due to a change in algorithms, where a site completely drops off even though they're marketing techniques are innocently on the "white hat" side of the spectrum.

So what do you do if you become a Google dropping? There are a number of suggestions about how to handle this situation--the first of which is, "chill out." Chances are that Google doesn't have a vendetta against your organization. It is most likely the result of algorithm changes that are necessary to prevent people from manipulating the system through "black hat" techniques like link spamming, hidden links, and such.

As a general rule, you shouldn't rely on Google and organic listings as your bread and butter. As you don't have control of how sites are picked up, then you also have no control of how much traffic is generated. If your site has been a top keyword listing for a significant amount of time, that's great, but it can change in a heart beat. Too many variables equals dangerous ground, and if Google is the only source of traffic, then all can be lost.

So, take the gun away from your head, as one blogger mentioned after his site was dropped, and follow a few suggestions to get your site back on track.

1. Wait a few days. During an update, it is common that ranking drops, but in a matter of days, the site often crawls its way back to the top.

2. Diversify. Instead of making Google your principle traffic supplier, arrange it so that you expect 10-20% of hits will come from there. There are lots of other search engines that accept paid inclusion and paid placement. In addition, good old-fashioned marketing techniques in the real world can make a big difference.

Get Started now On An Easy Website Cashflow Program: Click Here

3. Content continues to reign supreme. Most Googlites (Google users) view the web as a library rather than a shopping mall. Update your webpage content every day, at least 200-300 words worth, making sure it is relevant and compelling. Remember that people aren't searching for your content, they are searching for their own-a concept that changes with each user depending on their personal paradigms. So varied, updated content can help match up with some unpredictable keyword choices.

4. Avoid duplicate content. This is incredibly important if you're running several websites at a time, or using "doorway" pages to your main site. Having pages with identical content is a surefire way for Google to drop your listing.

5. Site design is the stepchild of good online marketing. Though an algorithm is clueless about how nice your site looks, people viewing it do notice and this will increase your click-throughs. Sites heavy on HTML and light on text, however, are a bad idea, as search engine spiders pick up text mostly. A good balance of design and simplicity coupled with easily read content is probably the best bet. Even better, have lots of breaks in text to accommodate the majority of net readers that scan pages, rather than read them in their entirety. It takes 25% longer to read from a computer screen than from paper.

6. Remember that there is a balance of keywords required. If your pages use the keywords excessively, red flags pop up all over the Google world and they might tag you for spamming. A good rule of thumb is to keep keyword density below 20% of content.

7. Linking in the Internet world is what networking is to the outside world. Always include links to other sites that relate to your subject matter and try to utilize link swapping as much as possible. Other people want their site recognized too, so most are more than happy to trade links with you. The more your site is referenced on other sites, the more it affects your page ranking.

8. Try to keep the gloves up. Don't try to trick the algorithms with "black hat" techniques like hidden image links and burying the link inside the background. This will get you banned for sure. Avoid Java script redirection and IP cloaking.

9. It is impossible to create a page that pleases everybody. Try to think in terms of target users, who the typical viewer of your site is going to be. If you sell baby car seats, don't have content about the Chinese socio-economic politics.

10. It's so important I have to say it again. CONTENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF YOUR WEBSITE. Content content content content.

And I'm spent.

About the Author:
Jason L. Miller is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.
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Findory Adds Ads, Personalizing Google AdSense

Guest AuthorBy Nathan Weinberg

Microsoft Webcast:
Learn how your small business can capitalize on global trends.
Findory has done the impossible, personalizing Google ads to the user on its site, presenting surfers with mostly high relevance ads on all its pages. Greg Linden announces it.

First off, a quote from Greg's blog:

This early version is built on top of Google AdSense, but these are not normal AdSense ads. They are not targeted merely to the content of the page, but to the individual behavior of each reader.

This is a very interesting statement, particularly where he says "built on". My assumption is that Findory has somehow worked out a system that integrates its user data with Google's ad network to generate much tighter ad matching than Google's page reading contextualizing algorithms.

Read the Full Article

About the Author:
Nathan Weinberg writes the popular InsideGoogle blog, offering the latest news and insights about Google and search engines.

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Rafael Robinson

Something to think about

Our post today comes from jawn_tech. It seems that over the weekend Google's Page Rank Tool bar suddenly stopped working. Instead of the neat green bar you only get a grey spot where it should be. Jawn_tech noticed this and started thinking, what if Google itself disappeared one day?

His post is light hearted I know, but if you think about it what would really happen to the average Joe on the Internet. What do you think would happen if Google suddenly vanished? Tell us your thoughts at WebProWorld.

|| Rafael||


What if Google itself disappeared?

By jawn_tech

Over the last couple days, as most of us know, Google's PR feature on the toolbox is greyed out. There has been widespread panic, speculation, looting, fires, the end of the world is near.

Well, not quite. But almost.

While some of us are rolling our eyes, and probably expecting an answer soon, I can't help but take the scenario a step further, and pose an evocative, though unrealistic scenario -- what would happen to the internet if Google itself disappeared?

I'm talking, vanished altogether. What would life be like, post-google?
  ...Click to read more
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