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Inside eBusiness
US Public Relations Association Ignores Blogging
Neville Hobson, NevOn blog

Herb Caen Calls Blogging Three-Dot Journalism
Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley watcher

New Gmail Features Suddenly Appear
Nathan Weinberg, InsideGoogle blog

Blogs Fuel RSS Revolution
Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal

Mainstream Media Will Have To Adapt To Blogs
Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion blog

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Search Engine Strategies Conference Going To China
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Fast Releases Dynamic Merchandising Solution
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) released FAST ImPulse, the most complete enterprise search, navigation, and merchandising software solution for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce applications...

ECM Solution Utilizes Embedded Search Technology
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Search Engine Devoted to Listing Forums and News Services
At a Launch Event Hosted by the Local Chamber of Commerce on October 1st, a New Search Engine, That is Expected to be the 'New Google' From Upper Austria, Went Online...

Measuring Online Ad Effectiveness, 2004
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Company Releases Federated Desktop Search Engine
Scientific Software released a new federated search engine for the desktop PC that is integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer...

SEMPO Survey on SEM Activities and Spending
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Rich Ord

The Blog Marketing Explosion

There are literally thousands of blogs by eBusiness insiders. This has changed the landscape of guerrilla marketing. At first it was seen as just something cool to do ... but blogs are now being used to build personal and corporate credibility that will eventually attract customers (they hope!).

Are Blogs a marketing goldmine? Discuss at the WebProWorld eBusiness Forum.

Blogs are a goldmine of formerly hard to get insight from CEO's, marketing guru's and others who never used to have a public forum. These business leaders are utilizing the internet to convey their personal thoughts on happenings in their industry and life. They are blogging for the same reasons they do public speaking, to build credibility for themselves and their company's. Blogging has become a new … less time consuming and less expensive way to reach potential and current customers.

Big Blog Company associate Jackie Danicki comments in The Times (London) on CEO blogs, "You basically have a lot of CEOs who are sitting there and writing about what they know. Also adding personal things in, talking off-topic, about their holidays. ...It gets readers to feel an affinity."

Danicki continues, "Executives start blogging for a number of reasons, They want to raise their personal profile. They want to reach out to customers and members of their own staff without going through official channels and PR departments. They want to be seen as a forward thinking company up to date with the latest trend."

The effect is powerful viral marketing with blogs linking to other blogs. "The real value is things that you don't expect," says Danicki. "I know from our perspective, the amount of people we've ended up talking to and doing business with just simply thanks to our blog is amazing. Producers in Hollywood. People from publishing companies in the States. People who in another time without this network we would never have made contact with."

So, what kind of information is in these blogs? I remember reading Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler's blog where he warns "all trade show operators about the perils of working with the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas". Real time concerns by big time CEO's, now that's what the internet was invented for!

Then there is Jonathan's Blog. Sounds innocuous doesn't it? Well, Jonathan is none other than President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Microsystems. Sure, he has a pony tail, but at least he isn't wearing pajamas. Jonathan is usually pointed and philisophical in his frequent blog posts as in this recent excerpt, "Please do not listen to the bizarro numbskull anti-Sun conspiracy theorists. They were lunatics then, they are lunatics now, they will always be lunatics. We love the open source community, we spawned from it."

Billionaires have blogs too. Dot com billionaire Mark Cuban who is starring in "The Benefactor" reality show has been blogging since March. In one post he dumps on Trump, "I don't think its dawned on you just how hard Mark Burnett threw you under the bus. … Nice job on Leno last night Donald. At least you admitted that you hadn't seen The Benefactor. But saying that it will fail. That's a little much Donald, even from you."

The CEO of Tucows, a big domain seller, blogs us with his insider insights that future domain sales will be done via auctions. Elliot Noss states, "The market for expired names is changing. The old one (framework) wasn't working. Not for everyday registrants and that is who we should all be thinking about. Not for Verisign and not for ICANN. Those who say that either of them like the status quo really do not have a clue."

Robin Hopper, CEO & Founder of iUpload, talks about how major consumer marketing efforts are starting to utilize blogs. "Coke's online brand manager Mark Dooley reveals they've been keeping a close watch on consumer generated marketing including blogs and that they plan a social networking-oriented marketing effort soon. Bottom line, consumer generated marketing is going to be a must have tactic in your arsenal…"

The Jason Calacanis Weblog shows how blogs often reflect where one has traveled to. Jason is currently the Chairman of The Weblogs, Inc. and has previously started and sold several dot com ventures. In this post Jason is at the Gnomedex conference (on blogging) in California ...

"Speaking at Gnomedex right now.. I'm blogging this from the stage of Gnomedex."

Well, its not always biting commentary, but it is fun … and in the end it's marketing. Possibly, the most powerful type of corporate marketing per dollar spent ever invented.

Discuss this at WebProWorld.

Rich Ord + The WebProNews Team

Articles: 12,230 Contributing Authors: 2,226
Tuesday, Oct 05, 2004
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What Is Waiting For Us? Tomorrow's SEO Industry

Irina PonomarevaBy Irina Ponomareva

Today, SEO is swiftly approaching saturation point. More and more webmasters realise the necessity of learning SEO basics, and as they do so, SEO professionals are facing difficulties finding new clients.

With all the niche sites optimised, it will be harder to compete for good key phrases. Link building opportunities will be easily found and utilised by everyone, keyword density will reach its optimum value, meaning that the SERPs will consist of equally good and equally relevant sites - at least from the traditional SEO point of view.

Spammy techniques, still popular and sometimes even effective, will exhaust themselves even quicker. There are, really, not so many different methods of deceiving the search engines and increasing a site's relevancy artificially; today they just differ in details. Perhaps it explains why we don't see spammy sites in the SERPs as often as we used to - our smart spiders catch them quite soon and throw this low-rate stuff away to keep the web cleaner. As soon as spiders become smart enough to recognise spam on the fly, the particular class of "SEO specialists" propagating such rubbish will find themselves out of their jobs. It is not really hard to tell an ugly doorway from the real thing.

Read the Full Article

About the Author:
Irina, Ponomareva, 32. I joined Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, on March 2003. I've been acting as a web master, a developer, and an SEO specialist ever since.

After practising search engine optimisation for a year I then launched Spider Friendly - the autonomous SEO branch of Magic Web Solutions (UK) offering SEO/SEM services - in co-operation with my colleague Dmitry Antonoff.

Search WebProWorld:  

Rafael Robinson

Stealing Content

Today's post comes from smakyyy. He is wanting to know if there is anyway he can find out if someone is using his content illegally on their site. I've seen a lot of sites myself that take word for word someone else's content. It isn't fair but aside from asking them to remove it what can you do? Think you can help smakyyy out with his problem. Tell us your thoughts at WebProWorld.

|| Rafael||


Stolen website content detection

By smakyyy

I am not sure where I found it before. I thought by using google I could find out if someone is using my website content on their website, but that didn't work.

Does anyone know where I can go to see if someone is using my data on their websites? Thanks in advance.
  ...Click to read more
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