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Tool Monitors Google's Datacenters
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All you Google algoholics out there should appreciate this Datacenter monitoring tool. Test it out and tell us what you think.
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Garrett French

Google Tool, Google Bug, Google IPO

Tool Monitors Google's Datacenters

If you're an algoholic who can't stop watching Google's algorithm, then there's a good chance you watch their datacenters closely. Here's a program that will let you monitor them from your desktop so you can quit searching the datacenters individually to see if there's an update coming.

Discuss this tool in WebProWorld.

From SEO optimization firm xseo comes Dancer, a datacenter monitor that will keep you notified of any changes. "It compares each server with the first; if different it changes the dot from red to another colour."

You can set it to monitor the datacenters for any term as well as a site and the program will let you know the ranking every 10 minutes (do you think you can wait that long?).

According to the site, "a low competition Search Term results in the servers' aligning more quickly, using a high competition Search Term gives a more sensitive "dance" detector."

Read about the download here.

Google Bug Skews URL

Astute WebProNews reader Diego Palacios Soto noticed an interesting bug in Google's result pages. He wrote recently to let me know that "when you search C + n + B you get an error in the way Google parse the URLs of the results. Check it out."

Discuss this bug in WebProWorld.

I sent the bug over to Jason Dowdell, who writes the airgin blog, and caught the nissan armada headrest monitor bug.

He dug into the error and found that it occurs when there is a letter "C" followed by more than one space and the letter "B."

The actual cause of the bug is a bit more difficult to pin down however. Jason offered these speculations:

Could it be that Google is cacheing specific queries, and keeping those highlighted results in it's resultset and then reparsing the urls and applying the highlighting again?

Not sure but it's possible. But that doesn't explain why we don't see the same results in the title of the site because highlighting is applied there as well as in the main description of the result.

Also, why is it that reversing the order of the keyphrase causes this bug to arise?

He told his buddy at Google about the problem (as he told him about the other bugs he's found lately) and maybe someday we'll learn the truth.

Thanks Jason, for investigating this Google bug. Check out this bug he found too.

The story I had planned to run today, on Google's ReRanking patent, turned out to be old news. It's still in our forum, and may be interesting to some of you.

Google Goes Public

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Google finally announced their IPO. Discuss here.


Reuters interviewed me. Woohoo!

Garrett French + The WebProNews Team

Articles: 9,993 Contributing Authors: 1,880
Friday, April 30, 2004
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Web Site Architecture And Search Engines Part 2

Shari ThurowBy Shari Thurow

Web Site Architecture And Search Engines  Part 2Reader question: I hear search engine marketers talk about site architecture all of the time and how important it is for search engine optimization. What exactly is site architecture and how should I be implementing it on my Web site?

Answer: In Part 1 of this article series, I addressed the directory structure and navigation schemes as a part of Web site architecture. In Part 2, I will address URL structure, file names, and hyphenation.

To review, the building blocks of site architecture are:

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About the Author:
Shari Thurow is Marketing Director at Grantastic Designs, Inc., a full-service search engine marketing, web and graphic design firm. This article is excerpted from her book, Search Engine Visibility (http://www.searchenginesbook.com) published in January 2003 by New Riders Publishing Co. Shari can be reached at shari@grantasticdesigns.com.

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions

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Brittany Thompson

Today my quiet afternoon quickly turned into the buzz of excitement when Google finally filed IPO.

Just minutes after this news went mainstream, WebProWorld members were already talking about it.

What are your thoughts? Will you be eagerly waiting to buy stock in Google? See what others had to say...

|| Brittany||

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Affiliate Sales Contests

By Catalyst

I thought it would be fun if we could share any good sales contests here for all the affiliates to see. Contests are a great way to attract and motivate affiliates and affiliates love to win! ...
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